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Permalink "Summertime shouldn’t be hunger time. Help youth find free, nutritious #SummerMeals" -U/S Concannon
Permalink Anyone feeling generous??  This gorgeous-ness was at Price Chopper thus morning,  but at $40 I couldn’t really justify the splurge…
Permalink Holy freakin’ Hannah!   NOT what you want to see when you are reaching for the door handle at work!  (That’s the inside handle in the top right corner.)
Permalink It’s that time of year again - frog pool time!
Permalink Look what was in the mail!  :D.  Bookmarks, pen, and autographed book!
Permalink 5 blossoms at this point, and at least 10 more to go!
Permalink Scrambled eggs with plenty of PC bell pepper & herb rub, a little minced onion, some fiesta cheese, a tiny bit of ketchup, and a side of maple turkey bacon.  YUM!
Permalink Leftover slow cooker pineapple salsa chicken for lunch with a buttered roll.  :D

Hunt the Darkness - All Romance Ebooks

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Permalink Our free-loading tenants.   ;)
Permalink Sunset on the way home last night.
Permalink One week only release price $.99 Book 7, SOLOMON’S SIEVE, #BlackSwanKnights  Official FB RELEASE EVENT May 27th.
Permalink Very proud, and humbled, to have received this tonight at our Regional Girl Scout Leader Meeting.  :)
Permalink Finally got a Christmas cactus to bloom!  :)
Permalink Caleb’s bday present from me!